Saint Nicholas Miracle Garden

We are reactivating a community garden in the center of Harlem. The garden will promote environmental awareness and serve as an educational growing resource and community space for gardening. In addition, we will provide community workshops on healthy eating and sustainable lifestyles. The garden's compact size and dense urban context gives us the opportunity to promote vertical urban gardening and test innovative techniques to maximize space and resources.

We are fiscally sponsored by Open Space Institute, Inc., as part of their Citizen Action Program. OSI is a nonprofit public charity exempt from federal income tax under Sections 501(c)(3) and 509(a)(1) of the Internal Revenue Code.



We would like to welcome you to our community garden.

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Farm Stand

Uptown and Bronx [U&B] Healthy Project serves as a way to promote wellness initiatives, raise awareness about health issues, and generally show the community we care about their well being in Central Harlem and The Bronx.

Distribution Day:
Thursdays from 5PM - 7PM April 21 - October 27

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Upcoming Events

Fun programs for adults, children and families.

Tuesday, June 21st | 5pm - 8pm

Regiven Environmental Project will be kicking off the 2022 season as part of the Make Music New York festival on Tues. June 21st from 5pm - 8 pm.
We are currently looking for artists to perform - if you are interested send an email to stnickgarden@gmail.com

Please spread the word far and wide - and we also have dates for July & Aug that will be announced soon.

Saturday, July 9, 16, 23 and 30 | 11am - 3pm

Join us for free bike repair, maintenance and workshops led by Uptown & Boogie Bicycle Advocacy and Frank from Bronx Messenger.

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