Saint Nicholas Miracle Garden

live, learn & grow together.

We are a reactivated community garden in Central Harlem. The garden's compact size and dense urban context allow us to promote vertical urban gardening and test innovative techniques to maximize space and resources.

Welcome to St Nicholas Miracle Garden, where we're thrilled to launch an exciting journey of transforming our garden space into a vibrant haven. Our upcoming beautification projects aim to change the garden's beauty and functionality. We're seeking talented local artists, creatives, and exterior designers to join us.

Opportunities for Artists and Designers

metal shed
Painting the Metal Shed

We're looking for artists who can transform structures into eye-catching art pieces. We want to hear from you if you have experience in mural painting or outdoor art.

Inspiration Project

measurements of wooden table
Painting Wooden Picnic Table

We're seeking designers who can breathe new life into our picnic area with the help of local youth. Your artistic touch can create a welcoming and aesthetically pleasing space for our community.

Restoration and Painting Wooden Benches
Restoration and Painting Wooden Benches

We're seeking designers who can restore benches and provide an artistic touch to pair with the picnic table, also in conjunction with local youth.

Wooden Stadium Seating
Painting Wooden Stadium Seating

If you are passionate about outdoor design, consider lending your skills to renew our stadium seating. Your work will be a focal point during community events and gatherings.

fence for artwork
Artwork Along the Fences

Bring your creativity to life by contributing to our fence art project. This is an excellent opportunity to showcase your unique style and make a lasting impact on our garden.

fence for artwork
Little Structures for Critters

Our initiative is to construct small structures for the garden's critters, such as birdhouses and bee houses. We also create kid-friendly programming centered around building houses for these critters, fostering a connection between children and the natural world.

Building a Portable Toilet Enclosure
Building a Portable Toilet Enclosure

Exterior designers and architects, this is your chance to contribute to the functionality and aesthetics of our garden. Please help us create a multifunctional enclosure to place around the portable toilet.

Garden Information Banner
Garden Information Outdoor Banner and Event Bulletin Board

Graphic designers, we invite you to showcase your talent by designing informative banners and bulletin boards. Your work will keep our community informed and engaged.

Stay tuned to our for more information and updates.



  • Review artist submissions
  • Begin project execution


  • Open Garden Day on June 1 and 2
    (rain date of June 8 and 9)
  • Ribbon Cutting Ceremony - We proudly unveil our exciting projects from 2023 and give you a sneak peek into what's in store for 2024

How to Get Involved

We want to hear from you if you're passionate about contributing to our community's aesthetic and functional improvement! Please submit your portfolio and a brief statement of interest to Email.


Be part of the transformation! Help us turn our garden into an oasis that reflects the creativity and diversity of our community. Together, we can create a space everyone can enjoy for years.

Thank you for being a crucial part of St Nicholas Miracle Garden's exciting journey towards beautification!

We are searching for passionate and enthusiastic individuals to join our team at the community garden!

We welcome individuals interested in learning about sustainable gardening practices and want to help create an enjoyable and productive space for the community.

If you are interested in joining our team, check out our available opportunities and contact us. We would be happy to tell you more about the opportunity. Thank you for considering joining us!


  • Garden Co-Leader - collaborate with fellow volunteers to lead garden projects, organize volunteer activities, and develop community engagement programming.
  • Treasurer/Fundraiser - securing financial resources to support our community garden's growth, sustainability, and outreach initiatives.
  • Educator / Program Coordinator - primary educators for children and youth through critical programs at our gardens.
  • Grant Writer - assist in preparing grant template documents for upcoming grant applications. Adapt grant documents to meet the requirements of different supporter needs and portals.
  • Social Media Specialist - is responsible for creating and publishing content on all social media platforms, including Facebook and Instagram, to grow an audience, build garden programming awareness, and ultimately, boost community supporters.
  • Event Planner - supported garden events, discussed the events' needs, and oversaw the setup, execution, and cleanup of events.

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